Life Cycles

Released Feb 21, 2017

(From linear notes)

"This album will allow you to explore my mind during a time of me beginning to realize and embrace the cycle of life and cycles in life. It's a deep, dark and fascinating experience to be conscious of these journeys and outcomes whether natural, spiritual, mental, human-imposed, self-imposed... The beautiful or horrific beginnings...the joyous and tragic and it's absence... all necessary for the human experience. The better understanding of racism and the ugly cycles it births also weighed in on this piece and was vital to my conclusion on the matter of life cycles. The cycle of mass incarceration, colorism, colonialism and war are all related, and will end because they began. All cycles are related and will end because they begain." -Roman Lee Norfleet

Album credits:

Produced by The Sample Scientist

Written and Performed by Roman Lee Norfleet

Mixed and Mastered by Roman Lee Norfleet

Cover photo by Inspire the Tribe